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Cadastral survey

The classic field of activity of cadastral surveying includes border surveying, the division of land and the creation of building sites. The border surveying and the marking of the borders is the prerequisite for securing your property on land.
If you want to change the boundaries of your property, it is necessary to divide the property. The creation of a new settlement area is called parceling. We mark the basic limits, invite you to negotiate, create a division plan and take care of the necessary official channels so that the certificate of division can be entered in the digital cadastre and land register.

Teilungsplan Sitzenberg
Plan for partition
Parcelling concept

Engineering survey

The broad field of activity of Engineering surveying includes the creation of inventory data (location and height plans, building inventory plans, installation plans, etc.), all construction-accompanying surveying work for the exact implementation of the planning, as well as the monitoring of structures (retaining walls, dams, etc.) and natural objects (Subsidence, Landslides). Competent employees and the use of modern technology guarantee the precise implementation of your projects.



Photogrammetry is the acquisition of geodata from measurement images. Modern digital cameras deliver results of the highest precision. We use our drones and laser scanning technology for rapid data acquisition and measurement operations. We deliver terrain models, orthophotos, facade evaluations.

Orthophoto + Altitudes
Digital land model
Orthophoto Seestadt Aspern